Dominic Nicholas Glassworks creates hand blown glass specializing in lighting. Glass can be ordered, purchased & brought through this website


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Starting to make a hand blown glass lampshade

What's new

Extensive new website
upgrade released, including
new work, online ordering
requests and much more.
We're now taking limited orders after a break.

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Dominic Nicholas Glassworks
creates beautiful hand blown glass and specializes in lighting. The work is produced using traditional techniques and the glass is blown purely by hand in a small team of two or three people in studios in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our hand blown glass work encapsulates simplicity, elegance and style. The technical skill and precise craftsmanship of the team ensures a high quality product. We work closely with each of our clients in one-on-one relationships to ensure their complete satisfaction. We specialize in making lighting but also make other glasswork such as vases.

We encourage questions and 'ask points' are ubiquitous throughout this website. We look foward to hearing from you and will respond promptly to all inquiries.

Dominic Nicholas emigrated from England in 1991 and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

      Purple elegant hand blown glass table lamp lighting

  Turquoise stylish hand blown glass torchiere floorlamp lighting

 Red simple stylish elegant hand blown glass pendant lamp lighting

 Gold golden stylish elegant beautiful hand blown fluted glass pendant lamp lighting

       More Lighting